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Assault Task Force TM

All Rise.
Court is in Session.TM

That was then...

Richard Mason
Washington State Penitentiary, 1978
This is now...

Terry Paolino
Washington State Penitentary, 2008

Not much has changed in thirty years except the players……..

And now….they play dirty by using biological weapons against staff


Recognizing Fallen Staff
On May 30, 2008 a ceremony was held at the Washington Criminal Justice Training Center to honor corrections personnel who have been killed in the line of duty.

After opening
are performed,
Secretary of Corrections,
Eldon Vail
speaks to a
crowded room.

A wreath is placed at the gate that was once installed at the U.S. Federal Prison
at McNeil Island in the early 1900s.

A new class of correctional officers stands in attendance. As part of the Corrections Officer Academy graduation ceremony, Cadets pass through this gate. They symbolically emerge as Corrections Officers charged to carry out there duties in service to their communities, with integrity of character and pride in their profession.

RIGHT: Task Force member
Al Smith (WSP) stands his Honor Guard post. 


Other Task Force members discuss their participation before the ceremony. 
Left to right:  MCC member Edwin Gonzalez speaks with Sgt. Dale Hutcherson and
WSP members Dave Wilkinson and Wayne Royse.

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