1. Why was WSATF created?
  2. What are WSATF objectives?
  3. What has WSATF accomplished in the first year?
  4. What are WSATF future goals?
  5. How do I become a member?


1. Why was WSATF created?

The Washington Staff Assault Task Force TM started recruitment in February of 2008 with 28 members at the Washington State Penitentiary in Walla Walla. The Task Force was formed by a group of concerned Correctional employees who banded together and formed a non-profit, membership controlled, employee organization to fight back.

With inmate on staff assaults rising dramatically within the Department of Corrections, and county prosecutors’ not receiving recognition for charging someone already incarcerated, the WSATF became involved. The Task Force has established a network of attorneys to fight for our rights, and to hold the inmates accountable for their staff assaults.

As a chapter of National Staff Assault Task Force, the WSATF is a newly formed organization that assists staff members who have experienced an inmate assault.



2. What are WSATF objectives?

  • WSATF assists Law Enforcement Employees who have been victimized by an assault.

  • WSATF assists Correctional Staff in holding the inmates accountable through the Civil Court process.

  • WSATF ensures that victims have a voice.

  • WSATF provides assistance to community based victim organizations.


3. What has WSATF accomplished?

The WSATF now has members in twelve state institutions and four different counties as well as community corrections. We have provided benefit checks for more than 450 staff members who have been assaulted.

We have filed and won 43 lawsuits for our members in eight different counties (Walla Walla, Snohomish, Mason, Spokane, Pierce, Franklin, Clallam and Gray’s Harbor County) winning judgments totaling over $195,000.00.

In 2011, through effective lobbying, the WSATF was instrumental in the passage House Bill 1334 - CIVIL JUDGMENTS FOR ASSAULT –PAYMENT. Just like Legal Financial Obligations, this new law enables us to collect monies from inmate accounts once a civil judgment has been rendered. By taking monies from inmate’s accounts before they can spend it on store items, we are holding assaultive inmates financially accountable for their actions. These dollars go directly to the staff member that they assaulted instead of their creature comforts.


4. How do I become a member?

Visit our membership page and apply today. For a minimum amount of $12.00 dollars per month you can become a member of WSATF.



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